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Name Ernest Louis GOODING
Birth 6 Apr 1888
Death 12 Sep 1956, Morwell7 Age: 68
Burial Moe Cemetery
Father William Charles GOODING (1859-1920)
Mother Marie Henrietta WUTTRICH (1863-1945)
1 Josephine MATHIAS
Birth 1895
Death 22 Jul 1929 Age: 34
Children: Ernest (1926-)
Notes for Ernest Louis GOODING
ERNEST LOUIS GOODING; The fifth child of Marie and William was born on April the 6th, 1888. Ern, as he was known, was a babe in arms when his parents moved from Hazelwood to Tanjil South. Always of a retiring disposition, Ern showed an early interest in music. He became an accomplished violinist when young, however he did not take up music as a career, but continued to work as a farmer at 'Myrtlevale'.
After Ern married Josephine Mathias, he continued to live and work at 'Myrtlevale' until he had a house built on the property he had just purchased in 1925 from John Pruden. This land was formerly part of the Bell holding 'Visiondale', which was sold to I. Pruden following George Bell's death.
Ern's house was built by Warner Burrage and his brother Tom in 1926. When it was finished, Ern and Josephine moved, with their baby son, Ernest William Jeffrey in the year in which he was born (on May 16th) 1926.
When Ernie (as the baby was known) was three years old, his mother, Josephine died suddenly, on 22nd of July 1929, aged 34 years.
Relatives cared for the tiny boy for three or four years until he was of school age. Ernest senior was grief stricken and became almost a recluse and cared for his son alone throughout Ernie's school years.
Together they carried on a dairying business over the years, and in 1947 Ern senior suffered a severe stroke and was taken into the care of his sister Allie (Mrs Hasthorpe).
Following Allie's sudden death in 1950, her daughter, May cared for the invalid, while Ernie continued to live alone on the farm. Ernest Louis Gooding died aged 68, on the 12th of September 1956, and was buried in the Moe cemetery.
His son, Ernest to whom the property was bequeathed, sold it to K.L. and A.M. Knight and moved to Healesville in July 1978.
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