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Name Laurel James Stanley GOODING10
Birth 1899
Death 4 Jan 1970 Age: 71
Father William Charles GOODING (1859-1920)
Mother Marie Henrietta WUTTRICH (1863-1945)
Notes for Laurel James Stanley GOODING
1LAUREL STANLEY GOODING: Was the second youngest child of William and Marie, and the fifth son in the Gooding family. Laurie, like all his brothers and sisters, received his education at Tanjil South.
On leaving school he worked at 'Myrtlevale', attending to the farm's maintenance. Like all members of his family, he was keenly interested in plants and gardens, and carefully cared for the vast variety of plants which graced his garden.
Laurie assisted his older brothers, Ern and Clarrie, in running the farm after the death of their father. When Ern, Llew and Clarrie left after being married, to make homes of their own, Laurie stayed on and was responsible, with his brother Cecil, for the smooth operation of the farm until the latter's death in 1961.
Laurie did not marry, but continued the rural work, and after his mother's death in 1942, he became joint beneficiary with his brother Cecil, of the property 'Myrtlevale'.
Laurie lived and worked on his property until his death of January the 4th, 1970 aged 70 years. Laurel's share of the Gooding property was willed to his nephew, John Evelyn Gooding.
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