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Name Edith HUNTER
Birth 25 Jul 1880, Morwell
Death 25 Oct 1952, Sale Age: 72
Father Peter HUNTER (1852-1913)
Mother Mary Jane GOODING (1852-1900)
1 Henry BROWN
Birth 27 Mar 1870, Green Gully, Sandon16
Death 1940, Moe Age: 69
Occupation Farmer
Father William PHILLIPS/PEARSON (1834-)
Mother Mary Annie MITCHELL (1834-1911)
Children: Thomas Henry (1903-1967)
Edward William Goldsmith (1904-1953)
Mary Annie (1906-1989)
Harvey Gordon (Died as Child) (1910-1919)
Roy Hunter (1915-)
Notes for Edith HUNTER
EDITH HUNTER. The first child of Peter and Mary Jane (Gooding) Hunter, Ede as she was known, was born at her parents' home, Tanjil South. She attended the new Tanjil South School when it opened. At a later date, her brothers and sisters were to accompany her to this same school.
After her mother died in 1900 Ede married Henry (Harry) Brown one year later at Poowong, South Gippsland. She spent her early married life at Bena, Warragul South and Ranceby.
In 1913, Ede and Harry Brown returned to Tanjil South and purchased the property known as Varney's (previously owned by Bill Varney). This property was held for a number of years by Ede's and Harry's sons, Thomas and Edward. Part of this land was recently requisitioned by the State Rivers for the construction of the Blue Rock Lake.
After Ede's brother, Ted Hunter, moved from the Hunter property which he now owned Ede and Harry Brown moved back to her girlhood home and took on share-farming for Ted Hunter. The five children born to Ede's marriage - namely Thomas, Edward (Ted), Harvey, Mary (MoI1y), and Roy were all to attend the Tanjil South School, as their mother had done.
During 1934 when Ted Hunter returned to his property to live, Ede and Harry Brown moved into a small cottage near the main Willow Grove Road about half a mile on the Moe side of the Tanjil South school. It was here in 1940 that Harry Brown died leaving Ede a widow.
Edith (Hunter) Brown spent her last few years visiting and living with her various relatives and children. She died at Sale on the 23/10/1952 aged 72 years.
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