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Name Henry BROWN
Birth 27 Mar 1870, Green Gully, Sandon16
Death 1940, Moe Age: 69
Father William PHILLIPS/PEARSON (1834-)
Mother Mary Annie MITCHELL (1834-1911)
1 Edith HUNTER
Birth 25 Jul 1880, Morwell
Death 25 Oct 1952, Sale Age: 72
Father Peter HUNTER (1852-1913)
Mother Mary Jane GOODING (1852-1900)
Children: Thomas Henry (1903-1967)
Edward William Goldsmith (1904-1953)
Mary Annie (1906-1989)
Harvey Gordon (Died as Child) (1910-1919)
Roy Hunter (1915-)
Notes for Henry BROWN
17The significance of the Green Gully site is mainly limited to technological grounds. By the mid-1850s, miners were roasting quartz prior to crushing: this made the stone softer. By the early 1860s, roasting was used to help retrieve fine gold lost during the amalgamation process. The long preoccupation (mid 1850s to 1890s) of Maldon miners with quartz roasting is still reflected in the archaeological record; the area contains many of Victoria`s extant quartz roasting kilns. Green Gully is the only place yet discovered where different kiln types, suggesting an evolutionary sequence, have been found on the same line of reef workings.

During the early 1890's when still a young man in his twenties, Henry (Harry) Brown first came to Tanjil South and was employed for some years by Peter Hunter, before moving to Poowong North. At Poowong in July 1901 Harry Brown married Edith Hunter, a daughter of Peter Hunter and Mary Jane (nee Gooding), and for the first years of their marriage they resided at Bena, Ranceby and Warragul South.
In 1913, Harry and Edith Brown and their young family returned to Tanjil South, purchasing the property previously owned by Bill Varney for 2/10/0 ($5) an acre. By a bout 1920 the two eldest Brown boys, Tom and Ted took over the running of the farm for their wife moved back to father, while Harry and his Hunter's farm, then owned by Mrs. Brown's only brother, Councillor Ted Hunter. They remained share farming for Ted Hunter until 1934 when they moved. and lived in retirement in a small cottage they built on the south side, and about half a mile from the Tanjil South school. This house was demolished in the 1970's.
Harry Brown continually attended all activities in connection with the Tanjil South School. For years he was a member of the school committee and was chairman for some time. As an accordion player, he very willingly gave his services in supplying music for dances and other social functions.
Harry Brown also had a keen interest in football. From the time of the formation of the Willow Grove Football Club (now Hill End Club) in the mid twenties, he held the position of goal umpire until ill health forced him to retire in the early thirties.
Harry Brown died at the age of 71 years on the 23/9/1940. He was buried in the Moe cemetery, after a service at Tanjil South.
Edith Brown, formerly Edith Hunter, was born at Morwell on August the 25th, 1880. She was the eldest of a family of five, and as a youngster, walked across the paddocks and through the bush to school from her home along the Tanjil River.
When she was 19 her mother died, and Edith had the responsibility of her younger brother and sisters up until the time of her marriage. Throughout her married life, her main interests were her home and family. She was a particularly good cook and also did some dressmaking for neighbours.
She had a family of 5, four sons and a daughter, and after the death of her husband Harry, she remained on at Tanjil South for a while. Just before World War 2 she moved to Sale.
While living at Sale and when the opportunity arose, she managed to return to the Tanjil South area and visit family and friends.
When staying with her daughter at Sale, Edith Brown fell ill. She died later at the sale hospital.
Although her death occurred at Sale, her funeral was held at St. George's Church of England Tanjil South. The service was read by Reverend Burgess. Mrs Edith (Hunter) Brown was buried in the Church of England section of he Moe cemetery on the 25/10/1952.
Edith and Harry Brown were survived by 4 children.
Thomas, Edward, Harvey (doc), Mary and Roy.
Thomas Henry was the eldest of the 5 children of Edith and Harry Brown. He was born at Warragul in 1903 and for a short time .i before moving with his family to Tanjil South, had attended the Drouin East School. He resumed his schooling at Tanjil South and left at about the age of 15.
After leaving school, he and his brother Ted continued on with their father's farm. The property was a 600 acres bush block which was partially cleared and where Tom and Ted were to run a dairy herd. At a later date this land was split up into two 300 acre lots with Tom and Ted running a farm each.
Around this time, Tom managed a bullock team. snigging logs and timber out of the bush. Some of this was sold to the timber mill. Later he again worked in the bush as a truck driver, carting timber.
In 1928 at the Willow Grove Hall, he married, Ethel Harriet Prudence Emily Stratton Holt, (Ettie), the daughter of Ethel Stratton and Henry Holt of Willow Grove.
After their marriage Tom and Ettie continued on with farming, clearing extra acres and running a mixed herd of dairy cows.
During this time their four children were born, Betty, Tommy, Geoff and Ray. However, Thomas Henry (Tommy), when just a little lad of 3, contracted diptheria and died in 1936.
Like his father before him, Tom Brown was elected to the Tanjil South school committee. He gave years of service to this cause, which was later recognised by the gift of a fine electric clock. As a regular attendant of all euchre parties and socials held at the school, he ably helped the evenings along by supplying music with his accordion.
For just about as long as anyone can remember, Tom and Ettie Brown were familiar figures at nearly all social functions held throughout the district. At Balls and Old Time Dances held at the Willow Grove Hall, Tom frequently acted as MC, calling for the Alberts, Lancers, Fitzroy quadrilles and other sets. He acted regularly as MC at all school socials and occasionally at the Hill End dances.
Tom Brown's other interests were sport. He first played tennis at Tanjil South when the court was placed at Miss Wilson's before the lst World War. Later he played at Willow Grove and continued to play and support that club until 1958. Before the 2nd War he played football for Willow Grove. When this club was reformed in 1946 as Hill End and Grove Rovers Football Club he occupied many positions, such as committee man, senior and junior vice-president team selector time keeper and MC for many football club social dances. He received a life membership for outstanding services to the club.
For a few years during the 1950's Tom and Ettie Brown conducted a small mixed business at the Willow Grove store, while their sons, Geoff and Ray continued to run the farm.
By 1960 Tom and Ettie were back living on their farm in semi-retirement remaining there until their death.
Tom Brown gassed away on the 9/1/1967 aged 63 years. Ettle Brown passed away on the 31/5/1973, also aged 63 years. Both were buried at the Moe cemetery after a service held at St. George's Church of England, Tanjil South.
Betty Geoff and Ray Brown have all supported the Tanjil South Tennis Club at some time or another over the past 30 years, either as members or players. They were also affiliated with the Hill End Football Club. Both Geoff and Ray as players, and Betty with canteen duties and as a member of the social club committee. Betty was made a life member of the club for her constant support.
As a committee man, goal umpire, vice- captain, social club member, and long term layer of 20 years, Geoff Brown also received a life membership of the Hill End Football Club.
Edward William (Ted) Brown was the second son of Edith and Harry Brown. He was born in 1904. After leaving school, and in conjunction with his brother Tom, he took over his father's farm. Later when this farm was halved, Ted ran the portion nearer to Willow Grove, with dairying as the principal occupation.
Ted Brown was also a follower of football, and played during the early days at Willow Grove. He captained the side for a time and later played at Moe.
Ted Brown married Ethel Mavis Williams, and they had a family of four. Ted, Jack, Margaret and Bob.
On the death of Ted Brown at the age of 49, in 1953, his youngest son Bob, managed the farm. Previous to this he had been working as a builder for the Housing Commission at Moe.
Ethel Mavis Brown died in August 1973. Her burial was conducted at the Willow Grove cemetery.
Harvey Gordon Brown was born in 1910 and the third of the five children of Edith and Harry Brown. He commenced school at Tanjil South in 1916. He contracted scarlet fever at the age of 9. As a result, his death occurred in June 1919. He was buried at Moe.
Mary, known as Molly, was the Brown's only daughter. She married Clarence (Clarrie) Whelan, and lived for a few years in what had been her parents' home near the school.
While at Tanjil South, Clarrie Whelan cut posts and timber, making deliveries with his bullock team and wagon. Later he was in possession of a steel wheeled Fordson tractor - one of the first in the district. Again he did contract work around the area and for some time worked at the 'Ranch' ploughing and carrying out other work for F. C. Williames. This was during the 1930's.
The Whelan family moved away to Sunny Creek, and Dollar, and finally ended up at Sale for a while before moving around again to other places.
Clarrie Whelan's brothers, Dave and Fred also worked around Tanjil South through the l930's. Fred Whelan was employed by George Morphett at 'Alderwood' for about ten years.
Roy Hunter Brown, born in 1915 was the last of the family of Edith and Harry Brown. He grew up at Tanjil South, and attended the school there.
He played football for Willow Grove for a short time before serving overseas during the 2nd War. On his return he lived and farmed for many years at cowwarr, but now lives in tenement at Sale.
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