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Name Peter HUNTER
Birth 1852
Death 15 Mar 1913 Age: 61
Burial Brighton, Vic
Father Peter HUNTER
Mother Rosanna FITZPATRICK (1825-)
1 Jessie HOLLIER
2 Mary Jane GOODING
Birth 1852
Death 1900, Moe, Victoria Age: 48
Father James GOODING (1817-1899)
Mother Miriam (Mary Ann) GOODING (1816-1881)
Children: Edith (1880-1952)
Ellen (1881-)
Edward (1883-1942)
Alice May (1885-1954)
Clara Jane (1887-1956)
Notes for Peter HUNTER
Peter junior was raised on his parents' farm and when still a young adult found his way to Gippsland where he met Mary Jane Gooding, daughter of James and Marion Gooding of Yinnar. Peter Hunter and Mary Jane Gooding were married at St. Mark's Church of England - Fitzroy, on April the 3rd, 1879, and two months later on the 1/6/1879. Peter paid 29-8-0 for a licence to lease 97 acres of land, known as allotment 3 of D at Tanjil South. The - land was bordered by the Tanjil River, and a adjoined Gooding's holding.
Peter and Mary Jane (Jennie) set up a home on their new selection and after much hard work and planting of crops, the first of which were, peas, potatoes and oats' for fodder they were able to establish a dairy farm. In addition to his land clearing and early farm work, Peter also found and time to work for public causes. He was a Narracan Shire Councillor from 1893 to 1902 and Shire President in 1897.
Throughout their married life, Peter and Jennie were blessed with five children, all of whom were still quite young throughout their mother's illness and untimely death at the age of 48 years in 1900. Mrs Mary Jane (Jennie) Hunter was buried in the Moe cemetery on the 26th of January, 1900 and was evidently held in high regard by neighbours and family with some 20 vehicles (buggies, traps, carts etc. ) and 40 horsemen attending the funeral.
The children of Mary Jane (Gooding) and Peter Hunter were:-
Edith (known as Ede) . . . ,. . . .Born 25/7/1880
Ellen (known as Nell) . . . . ..... Born 1/12/1881
Edward (known as Ted) .... . ..Born 1/ 9/1883
Alice .......................................Born 28/10/1885
Clara (known as Kitty) ... . . . Born 23/ 2/1887
After the death of his wife, Peter Hunter later married Jessie Hollier. No children were born to this marriage.
Following his second marriage, Peter Hunter leased his farm to a neighbour, Jesse Hasthorpe, who intended using the property for dairying purposes. The five young Hunter children, including the youngest, 13 year old Clara, were to remain living in the homestead under the care of the eldest Hunter child, Ede, who was by now, aged 20 years.
Peter and his new bride, Jessie, left Tanjil South for Romsey where they established a hotel business.
Peter Hunter died at the age of 60 years, and was buried at Brighton. His date of death was the 15/3/1913.

This plaque is to commemorate the pioneers of old Tanjil and surrounding districts, who cleared the forests on these hills and opened up the area for mining and farming in the latter part of the eighteen hundreds, and whose efforts to survive, through many hardships, will not be forgotten.
In recognition and appreciation of GEORGE & ISABELLA BELL and family settled in the Tanjil Valley 1879.
In recognition of CHARLES & MARGARET BLOYE arrived at Russells Creek 1879. Settled at Hill End mid 1880's.
In recognition of the contribution made by the BURGESS & MOORE families in pioneering the Tanjil Valley.
In recognition of EDWARD & JANE CRONIN and family selected property known as "Bon Hill" at Fumina South approximately 1885.
In recognition of DAVID & HARRIET ESPIE arrived at Russells Creek early 1860's settled at Hill End 1880.
True pioneers PATRICK, LIZ. FARRELL selected 1885 "Killarney" Blue Rock. Remembered by all descendants
In recognition of ERNST WILHELM & AUGUSTE HULDA FECHNER who settled in Willow Grove 1878.
In appreciation of the contribution of JESSE & ESTHER HASTHORPE Arrived at Russells Creek 1860's. Later selected land at Tanjil South
In recognition and appreciation of PETER & MARY HUNTER and family who selected land on the Tanjil River 1879.
In recognition of THOMAS & MARGARET BAIRD IRVINE and family who settled in Willow Grove 1865
In recognition of the achievements of FARQUHAR & ELLEN LAMONT and HECTOR & MARY LAMONT who settled in the Hill End area during the 1880's.
In recognition of the services of ANDREW & RACHAEL LECKEY and family settled in the area 1870's.
In recognition of MR JOHN GEORGE LUDWIG and family who settled in the Willow Grove district in 1880 and opened the first Post Office.
In recognition and appreciation of JOHN & FRANCES MacPHERSON who selected land on the Latrobe River 1886.
In recognition and appreciation of the achievements of THOMAS & ANN NEEDHAM and family who settled in Willow Grove 1872.
In recognition of JOHN PAUL & family arrived at Russells Creek early 1860's.
In recognition of HENRY & JESSIE CAMPBELL ROBINSON and family who settled in Willow Grove 1884.
In recognition and appreciation of the achievements of HENRY GEORGE and VICTORIA MARGARET STAFF who settled on land at Westbury 1875.
To commemorate the achievements of WILLIAM JEFFREY & VIOLET McNEIL TURNBULL and family whose association with the Tanjil Valley dates back to 1867
In recognition of the achievements of JOSEPH SAMUEL & CLARA VARNEY and family who settled at Russells Creek 1862.
In recognition of CORA E. VARNEY and family. Early settlers of the Tanjil Valley.
To commemorate the achievements of CHARLES JAMES & ESTHER WALKER and family settled on the Latrobe River 1870.
To commemorate the achievements of THOMAS WEBB & family who selected land at Hill End 1883.
In recognition of the pioneering family of WILLIAM HAMILTON WHITTAKERS of "Tanjil Hills Station" 1884.
In recognition of CHARLES HENRY & ELIZABETH WILLIAMS and family settled at Tanjil 1875.
In recognition of JOHN & ANN WILSON and family settled in Tanjil East (Becks Bridge Road) 1879.
The above has been transcribed from plaques on the Pioneer Wall at Blue Rock Lake by Sandra Dumble
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