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Name Elizabeth Julia Jane COX12
Birth 9 Nov 1842, Flemington, Victoria
Death 1920, Lockhart, NSW Age: 77
Burial 1920, Lockhart, NSW Age: 77
Father Thomas COX
Mother Ellen HOGAN
1 Michael Luke WHELAN12
Birth 1836, Queens County, Ireland
Death 1906, Buchan, Victoria Age: 70
Mother Mary BRACKEN
Children: Joseph Leslie (1861-1932)
John (Died as Infant) (1862-1863)
Thomas Mortimer (1865-1939)
William (1866-1931)
Mary Helena (1867-1935)
Ellen (Died as Child) (1869-1881)
John Michael (1871-1936)
Arthur James (1873-1937)
Louisa Catherine (1875-1950)
Percival Reginald (1876-1917)
Eveline Margaret (1878-1922)
Beatrice Violet Alice Margaret (1880-1963)
Herbert Sydney Patrick (1882-1946)
Charles Alfred (1883-1968)
George Henry Cyril (Died as Child) (1884-1891)
Rose Eleanor Amy (1886-1967)
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Perhaps Buchan’s most famous mid-wife was Mrs Whelan who originally lived at the the Pyramids at Murrindal. Although not fully trained before her marriage she worked  in a city Hospital owned by her uncle who was a doctor. She delivered many babies throughout the district and there were accounts of anxious husbands saddling horses in the middle of the night and making for her house. She would return with them, riding side saddle, and would sometimes be away for days, or weeks, attending the mother and baby until all was well. She was a mother of fourteen and often was heavily pregnant herself. Mrs Whelan settled in Buchan and had a room in her house where mothers could give birth and convalesce.
As  well as midwife, she administered medical care for accidents and illnesses when required. When Daisy Moore of W Tree was three she lost her index finger and middle fingers in a chaff cutter.  She and the fingers were taken down the mountain  to Mrs whelan who sewed them back on with ordinary cotton and thread. Although a little crooked, daisy has had functional movement ever since. The loss of fingers in chaff cutters and milk separators, and even one to a pig at Jacksons Crossing, were common accidents of the period. Mrs Whelan left the district in the early 1900’s.

The Pyramids is a very special property nestled in a remote area surrounded by state forest, with the Murrindal River acting as one of our boundaries. The natural phenomenon across the river, known as "The Pyramids", was named due to huge rocks that jut out from the hill, being shaped similarly to the Egyptian Pyramids.

Source:  Buchan Senquicentenary Committee book -  Bukan-Mungie, E-GEE Printers, Pty Ltd, Bairnsdale, 1989  , Page 44.

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