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Birth 1 Jan 1882
Death 11 May 1937, Korumburra, Vic Age: 55
Mother Annie JURATOWITCH (1863-1942)
1 Frances GANNON
Birth 1887, Poowong, Vic
Death 22 Sep 1964, Korumburra, Vic Age: 77
Father James Malachy GANNON (1858-1904)
Mother Mary Margaret MOLONEY
Children: Frances Nicholas (1913-1976)
Notes for Arthur JURATOWITCH
Contrary to the original family history it has been found that Arthur Juratowitch was not the child of Nicholas and Elizabeth Juratowitch. He was the son of their eldest daughter Annie Juratowitch. In those days children born out of wedlock were usually brought up as the child of the parents. By the time Arthur was 14. Nicholas and Elizabeth were both dead so he was brought up by his sisters ( aunties!!!) .As a youngster it would seem he was a gentle person, an avid reader( he left school at grade 6) and he always had an interest in journalism. The years between Nicholas's death and 1906 when he officially appeared in Victoria are a mystery- though it is said he moved around a lot after he left home, working in the printing business, writing articles and working the presses. he spoke of happy days in Bega.
It was 1905/06 that Arthur Juratowitch began his connection with Korumburra, the Great Southern Advocate and the Gannon Family. He took up the position of manager of the newspaper, later became a partner and finally owner.
It would be an exciting time for the 24 year old Arthur. Korumburra in 1906 could not have been much more advanced from what we can see it in 1895. The town was only 20 years old and had grown up to cater for the burgeoning coal industry- as it turned out that industry never really developed; geological faults, strikes and competition from Newcastle made the area non-competitive. But as the coal industry declined so the dairying and agriculture industries continued to flourish.
On the newspaper front Arthur walked into a situation that had been well founded by James Gannon who had a definite flair for the business. He offered a great deal of local news and advertising with a knack of adding life and activity. this obviously suited a local weekly newspaper.
Arthur Juratowitch was a very forceful journalist and through the Advocate support was given to every worthwhile district project. He also gave his time in giving support to town projects and his name could be found among the executives of many town organizations.
On 19.9.1912, aged 30 Arthur married Mary's eldest daughter Frances in St Joseph's Catholic church, Korumburra.
The vivid contrast in personality between husband and wife were continued in the marriage of Arthur and Frances. Family life and entertainment of course centred around the home with card nights and musical Sunday evenings being very popular. friend would call, suppers were large and the children played quietly by. Frances ran the home from which Arthur could venture forth to his growing number of outside interest.
From his earliest years in Gippsland Arthur had become involved in area activity... he was a member of the Fire brigade, played for the Korumburra Football Club and captained the local "Traders" Cricket team. The innumerable outside activities with which he was involved still left him time for his family, to his children he was a marvelous father, "a rare and wonderful personality". He was kind and gentle with always time to listen and a clear and logical mind for unravelling problems.
He was a deeply religious man with strong devotion to specific practices of the Catholic Church- eg Mass on the first Friday of each Month.
Even though he was so far away from the Hunter valley, his own family played a large part in his memories- he kept up a correspondence with his (brother) uncle Tony in Gunnedah and often talked to his own children about their Juratowitch relations. They were very dear to his him. He collected a photo of each of his (brothers) uncles and had a local photographer mount them into a single frame to hang on the living-room wall.
By the time he died in 1937 aged 55 the list of his district activities was long. It seemed he had time for everything- his family, his faith, his work- including interests in other newspapers in surrounding districts and also district activities.
Public life of Arthur Juratowitch- as reported in newspapers, at the time of his death:...
1. foundation member of Korumburra & District Bush Nursing Hospital Committee, occupying Presidential Chair.
2. President of the Parks Committee at the time of his death.
3. 1924 was secretary of the Recreation reserve.
4. Trustee of the Korumburra Cemetery
5. Committeeman of the Mechanics Institute.
6. District Grand Master of the Manchester Unity Lodge and District Deputy for the Victorian Conference.
7. Active member of the Victorian Provincial Press Association and held the position of Vice President at the time of his death.
8. Justice of the Peace.
9. Secretary of the South Gippsland football Association for 15 years and recognized as an authority on the game.
10. Secretary of the Alpha Theatre Company in 1925.
11.Delegate of Korumburra Rovers Football Club in 1926.
12. President of Korumburra Rovers Football Club in 1929. ( Bob Robbins a Pioneer of the football club and arguably the best footballer Korumburra had once said that Arthur was the best President Korumburra ever had.)
13. Committee member of the Bush Fir Brigade in 1928
14. January 1919 was on committee to build a memorial for Returned Soldiers. (Arthur at a meeting to discuss a memorial to return Soldiers suggested to but land & build cottages for disabled returned men. Another suggestion was a hall of which Arthur became a committee man. It was decided on a monument which was built at the top of Commercial Street. It was later shifted to Colman Park)
FOOTNOTE TO FOOTBALL INVOLVEMENT:- In 1925 after Korumburra played M & S United in a final the following quote appeared in the Great Southern Advocate. "That Korumburra players should eliminate the cigarette when the ball is in the vicinity. A player cannot give attention to both the ball and the cigarette. It looks bad too, and it is not conducive to effectiveness."

There is no question that his death brought sadness to his district, his family and not least of all the old lady who welcomed him into her family so many years before. It was the only time many of her family had seen Mary Gannon cry.
Arthur and Frances had 4 children:
Francis Nicholas....born June 22 1913
Mary Monica....born Sept 2 1915
Vincent Arthur....born Oct 13 1917
Eveline Therese.... born Nov 2 1919
By the time Arthur died his 4 children were adults and their lives and careers had begun to spread quite some distance from Korumburra.

Arthur is not the son of Nicholas & Elizabeth Juratowitch as was documented in the original Family information. It was found that Arthur was the son of Annie the eldest daughter of Nicholas & Elizabeth.
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