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Name William HAY
Birth 18 Jul 1789, Cleish, Kinross, Scotland
Death 20 Apr 1865, Easter Balado farm, Scotland Age: 75
Father John HAY (1746-)
Mother Jean HENDERSON (1767-)
1 Elizabeth PATON
Birth 1 Apr 1795, Kinross, Kinross, Scotland
Death 22 Sep 1872, Easter Balado Farm , Scotland Age: 77
Father William PATON (1760-)
Mother Jean MARTIN
Children: John (1820-1898)
William (1821-1907)
Jean (1824-1876)
Betty (Elizabeth) (1826-1904)
Robert (1829-1898)
Adam (1831-1914)
James (1834-1864)
Isabella (1837-1922)
Notes for William HAY
BIOGRAPHY: On his son James' wedding certificate, William is listed as a farmer. 1861 census described William as farming 100 acres and employing two labourers. 1

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Cleish, Kinross, Scotland


Ages ago, when country folk died their bodies were buried in the consecrated of the Old Parish Church yard, which is by the loch at Kirkgate Park. Only executed criminals and "sinners" were buried in un-consecrated ground.
The coffins were carried by pall bearers and were naturally heavy, so the bearers had to take the weight off their shoulders and rest every now an then.
The Leckerstane is one of these places where the coffin rested on the weary journey to the church yard.
The stone can be found by turning off the A977 at Balado, passing the chicken farms and the "golf-ball" at RAF Balado Bridge. The stone will be on the right just before the junction.



THIS PARISH, containing the town of Kinross, the capital of the County, is bounded by the parish of Orwell on the north, by Portmoak on the east, by Cleish on the south, and by Fossoway on the west. Its greatest length eastwards is nearly four and a half miles, and its breadth about four miles. Loch Leven flanks most of its east side, separating it from Portmoak on the west; and the North and South Quiech, and the Gairney, drain it eastward to that lake. The surface of the Parish is often called the Laigh of Kinross, on account of its being nearly surrounded by hills in the four adjoining parishes; and at no point does it rise higher than 100 feet above the level of Loch Leven. The soil in some places is clay, but generally it is a thin blackish loam on a gravelly bottom. The rocks are- sandstone, lime-stone, and trap. Kinross House is a large and elegant structure, built in 1685, by Sir William Bruce, the celebrated architect, who built the modern part of Holyrood House, and many other mansions during the reign of Charles II. It is now the property of Sir G. G. Montgomery, Bart. The environs of Kinross are much indebted for their beauty to the pleasure-grounds and fine plantations which surround this mansion, which stands near the northern entrance to the town, and opposite the castle island. On the promontory on which this mansion stands once stood a castle of great strength, and of which the town of Kinross was a dependance. This stronghold, long the residence of the Earls of Morton, was removed in 1723.

The name Kinross signifies "the head of the promontory," and alludes to the position of the town, or of the original Church, at the extremity of the point of land which runs into Loch Leven.

The Parish is traversed by the roads from Cupar to Stirling, by the great north road from Edinburgh to Perth, by the Fife and Kinross Railway, and by the Kinross-shire Railway, which have a joint-station close to the town. The Devon Valley Railway, which is in course of formation, crosses the Parish westwards, and is to have a terminal station at Hopefield.

The town of Kinross is situated at the west end of Loch Leven, on the great north road from Edinburgh to Perth- sixteen miles south by east of the latter town, nineteen south-west of Cupar, twenty-three east-north-east of Stirling, and twenty-seven north-north-west of Edinburgh. It was formerly a very mean place, but has in recent times been much improved. The streets present a fair appearance, and a considerable portion of the private houses are new or modern. The County Hall is a handsome edifice, built in 1836, at a cost of £2000. The Town-Hall is also a good building, erected in 1837, at an expense of about £600; and the general aspect of the place, as compared with the surrounding landscape, particularly with Loch Leven and the encircling hills, is very pleasing. The chief employments of the inhabitants consist in weaving cotton fabrics for Glasgow houses, and the making of tartan shawls, plaids, and other woollen fabrics. The woollen trade is recent, and even yet cannot be said to be firmly established, although considerable energy has been displayed in its prosecution, and the trade of the district is rather retrograding.

The town is governed by a committee of the inhabitants, annually chosen at a public meeting. The sheriff court and the sheriff small debt court are held every Tuesday, except during vacation. A justice of peace court is held on the first Monday of every month; and quarter sessions on the first Tuesday of March, May, and August, and on the last Tuesday of October.

The Parish Church, which is a handsome Gothic edifice standing on a rising ground, was built in 1832. There are also a Free Church and two U. P. Churches, distinguished from each other as the East and the West. Besides the Parochial School there are a Free Church School, a Subscription School, and two Seminaries for young ladies.

A corn market is held every Wednesday, and fairs for the sale of horses, cattle, and sheep, are held on the fourth Monday of March, the second Monday of June, and the fourth Monday of July and October. Hiring markets are held on the fourth Monday of July, and the first Thursday of October.

The POST TOWN for the Parish and, with a few exceptions, the whole County, is Kinross, William Blackwood. Post Master.- Letters from all parts arrive at the Post Office at 9.15 A.M, and 6.10 P.M., and are despatched at 6.5 A.M., (the Box closing at 10 P.M. of the previous evening) and 2.10 P.M. Walking postmen leave the Office for the Sub-Offices at Milnathort, Kinnesswood, Cleish, Crook-of-Devon, and Carnbo, at 10 A.M. Letters arrive at Kinnesswood at 12 noon, and are despatched at 3.30 P.M. Letters arrive at Cleish at 11.10 A. M., and are despatched at 12.10 P.M. Letters arrive at Crook-of-Devon at 1.40 P.M., and are despatched at 2.40 P.M. Letters arrive at Carnbo at 3.40 P.M., and are despatched at 4.40 P.M.


Beveridge, Alexander, Kinross

Bread Society, Kinross (John Lawrie, Manager)

Duncan & Co., Kinross (William Wilson, Manager

McCulloch, Archibald, Kinross


BRITISH LINEN CO.'S BANK. William Wilson, Agent

CITY OF GLASGOW BANK. Henry Maitland, Agent


SAVINGS' BANK, David Young, Actuary, open on Monday evenings from 6 to 8


Harley, Charles S., Kinross

Lawson, David, do

Lawson, John, do

Lilburn, Thomas, Craigton

Skinner, Robert, Balado

Spittal, Robert, Kinross


Barnet, George, (& Printer is Publisher of the Kinross-shire Advertiser, weekly) Kinross

Ewing, Peter, (& Photographer) Kinross


Barclay, Robert, Kinross

Dowie, James, do

Greive, David, do

Malcolm, Peter, do

Mathie, Francis, do

Michie, Laurence, do

Moncur, John, do

Reid, Josiah, do

Wylie, Robert, do

Yule, William, do


Bogie, James, Muirs

Grainger, James, Kinross

Robertson, James, do

Stark, James, do


Dunn, George, (Foot) from Kinross to Cleish, Crook-of-Devon, &c., daily

Fife and Kinross Railway, and Kinross-shire Railway, (Joint Station near Kinross) William Christison, Agent

Hardie, Robert, from Kinross to Dunfermline, on Tuesday and Friday

McLauchlin, Peter, from Kinross to Perth, on Tuesday and Friday

Robertson, John, from Kinross to Edinburgh, on Tuesday and Friday


Ballingall, David, Kinross

Gibson, William, do

Patterson, Joseph, do

Russell, Adam, Muirs

Russell, Alexander, Kinross

Simpson, Michael, do

Waterson, Andrew, do


Brown, William, Kinross

Gall, John, do


Downie, James, Kinross

Roxburgh, Robert, do

Steedman, Alexander, do


Gallagher, John, Kinross

Hutton, James, Kinross


Grosart, Alexander B., West U. P. Church, Kinross

Kennedy, Thomas, East U. P. Church, Kinross

Peters, William, Parish Church, Kinross

Wright, John, Free Church, do


Christison, William, Railway Station

Gibson, William, Kinross

Patterson, Joseph, do


Ord, Robert, Kinross

Tod, David, do


Brough, John, Kinross

Henderson, Robert, do

Simpson, Alexander, do

Thomson, John, do


Anderson, Miss, Kinross

Bell, Miss A., do

Drysdale, Misses, do

Duncan, Mrs James, do

Harvey, Mrs, do

Kirk, Miss E., do

Moodie, Mrs Andrew, do

Robertson, Miss B., do

Russell, Mrs M. A., do

Shand, Mrs J., do

Simpson, Misses, East Green

Simpson, Miss, Muirs

Skinner, J. & M. Kinross

Taylor, Misses L. & J., do

Tod, Miss A., do

Watt, Mrs J., do


Forbes, Thomas, Kinross, for P. & P. Campbell, Perth

Kinross Dyeing Co., (Jas. Stillie, Manager)

Robertson, Miss S., for Pullars & Son, Perth


Arnot, Robert, Hatchbank

Barclay, John, Chance Inn

Barclay, Robert, Heatheryford

Barclay, Robert, & Son, Goudyrannet

Beveridge, James, Esq., Balado

Beveridge, James, Esq., Westfield

Beveridge, James, Sandport

Beveridge, James, Wester Gallowhill

Blyth, Thomas, Craigton

Dempster, James, Esq., Tillyochie

Dougall, James, Mawhill

Flockhart, Henry, Esq., Annafrech

Flockhart, Mrs, Wester Cockcairney

Foote, William, Tillyochie

Fraser, James, Burnthill

Fraser, James, Gairneybank

Hay, George, Balleave

Hay, William, Easter Balado

Henderson, John, Esq., of Turfhills

Hewit, James, Hillhead

Hewit, Thomas, Burnbrae

Hutcheson, John, Craigwell

Kerr, James, Esq., of Lathro

Maitland, Henry, Esq., of Whinfield

Page, Thomas, Tillyochie Mains

Richardson, David, Gallowhill

Sampson, John, Classochie

Sheach, Francis, Coldon

Sommerville, Alexander S., Hillside

Stevens, James, Cavilston

Stocks, James, Kirkland Place, Kinross

Young, Andrew, Cockcairney


Harkness, George, Kinross

Robertson, Robert, do


Brown, John, Green

Russell, James, (Market) Kinross


Bell, Miss, Kinross

Beveridge, James, Esq., of Balado

Beveridge, James, Esq., of Westfield

Blackwood, Misses, Kinross

Dempster, James, Esq., of Tillyochie

Flockhart, Henry, Esq., of Annafrech

Forbes, Mrs R., Kinross

Gray, William, Esq., (Retired Surgeon) Kinross

Henderson, John, Esq., of Turfhills

Kerr, James, Esq., of Lathro

McAra, Misses, Kinross

McCallum, Miss, Sluiceburn, Kinross

McIntosh, John, Esq., Kinross

Maitland, Henry, Esq., of Whinfield

Morrison, Miss Hay, Green

Patterson, Miss Eliza, Mossgreen

Stocks, Mrs J., Kinross

Syme, David, Esq., (Sheriff Substitute for Kinross-shire) Kinross

Whyte, Mrs W., do


Those marked thus* are also Spirit Dealers. Beveridge, Mrs, Kinross

Blackwood, William, do

Coventry, Mrs, do

Donaldson, Mary, do

Forbes, Thomas, do

Gray, Alexander, do.

* Hepburn, Charles, do

*Hutton, George, (& Wholesale Spirit Dealer) Kinross

Low, George, Kinross

Ness, Alexander, do

Reid, Margaret, do

* Sands, David, (& Ironmonger) Kinross

*Steelman, Alex., (& Wholesale) do

Whyte, William, Kinross

*Young, David, do

Young, Mrs J., do


Archer, Edward, (Posting) Salutation Hotel

Downie, James, Loch Leven Inn

Fairley, George, Muirs

Laing, George, do

McKinlay, Mrs, Bridge End Inn

Page, George, Commercial Hotel

Watt, James, (Posting) Kirklands Hotel

Wilson, William, Kinross


Baird, James, Jun., Scottish Union, fire and life

Begg, Robert B., Jun., Writer, Sun, fire and life, and City of Glasgow, life

Bogie, George, Writer, English & Scottish Law, life, and Royal, fire

Forbes, Thomas, Merchant, Life Association of Scotland

Henderson, Robert, Scottish Equitable, life

Laird, Hugh, Banker, National, fire and life

Monro, James, Writer, Scottish Union, fire and life

Sands, David, Merchant, Standard, life

Steedman, Thomas, Accountant, United Kingdom, Temperance, and General Provident, life

Williamson, J. W., Edinburgh, life, and Insurance Co. of Scotland, fire

Young, David, Merchant, Caledonian, fire and life


Hepburn, Charles, Kinross

Roxburgh, Robert, do

Sands, David, do


Cumming, Andrew, Kinross

Flockhart, Robert, Carsegour

Kinloch, John, Kinross

Miller, John, (& Cabinet-Maker) Kinross


Tradesmen's Library, William Blackwood, Treas., Andrew Moncur, Sec.


Arnot, David, Kinross

Beveridge, William, & Robert, Kinross

Watson, Robert, Kinross


Annan, Robert, Kinross

Dewar, William, do

Gall, John, do


Addison, J., & A., Tillyochie Mill

Henderson, John, Esq,, (& Flour) Kinross


Duncan, James, Kinross

Littlejohn, James, Muirs


Blackwood, William, Kinross

McKillop, John, do


Hepburn, Charles, Kinross

Roxburgh, Robert, do

Sands, David, do


Chalmers, David, Kinross

Chalmers, Francis, do

Chapman, Andrew, do


Kinross-shire Coursing Club, James Simpson, Esq., Mawcarse, Sec.

Kinross Cricket Club, W. B. Constable, Captain, George Bogie, Sec.

Kinross Curling Club, George Hay, President, Allan Watt, Treas., N. B. Williamson, Clerk

Kinross-shire Fishing Club, W. P. Adam, Esq., M. P., President, Thos. Steedman, Accountant, Treas. & Sec.

Kinross Horticultural Society, Geo. Bogie, President, David Sands, Treas., Thomas Forbes, Sec.

Kinross Literary Association, David Young, Sec.

Kinross Total Abstinence Society, Rev. Mr Grosart, President, George Low, Sec.

Kinross Yearly Benefit & Deposit Society, Alexander Foulis, Sec.

Kinross Young Men's Society for Religious Improvement, Wm. McNab, President, John Haldane, Treas., Richard Laing, Sec.


Those marked thus * are also Clothiers.

*Adamson, John, Kinross

Byers, David, do

Coventry, William, do [Kinross

Dickson & Co., (Clothing Establishment)

*Henderson, Robert, Kinross

*Laing, John, do

Mitchell, John, do

Scotland, Alexander, do

Taylor, Robert, (& Renovator) Kinross


Begg, Robert B., Parish School, Kinross

McGregor, Miss Amelia, (Day & Boarding) Kinross

Proudfoot, John, Free Church School, Kinross

Simpson, William, Subscription School, Kinross

Smith, Misses, (Seminary for Young Ladies) Kinross


Gallagher, John, Kinross

Hutton, James, do


Low, Andrew, Kinross

Miller, John, (10

Roxburgh, Robert, do


Those marked thus * are also Notaries.

Begg, Robert B., Jun., Kinross

*Bogie, George, do

*Laird, Hugh, (& Procurator Fiscal of the Sheriff and Justice of Peace Courts, Clerk to the First or Kinross District of Statute Labour Roads, and to the Portmoak District of Roads, Clerk and Treasurer to the Kinross & Milnathort Gas Light Co., Agent for the British Guarantee Association, and Clerk to the Property and Income Tax Commissioners) Kinross

* Monro, James, Kinross

*Williamson, John Wright, (& Sheriff-Clerk, Commissary Clerk, Clerk of the Peace, Clerk of Lieutenancy, Clerk to the Trustees of the Great-North Road, Clerk to General Turnpike Road Trustees, Treasurer to Statute Labour Trustees, Keeper of the Register of Sasines, Sub-Distributor of Stamps, Collector of Land and Assessed Taxes, and of the County Rates, Kinross

Williamson, Nisbet Balfour, (& Clerk of Supply for Kinross-shire, Clerk to the Preventive Police Board, Clerk to Commissioners for Assessed Taxes, Clerk to County Prison Board, and Clerk to the Heritors of Kinross Parish, Kinross


County Police Office, Peter Clark, Superintendent

County Prison, George Laing, Governor and Teacher, Janet Laing, Matron, Rev. William Peters, Chaplain, and John Gall, Surgeon

Sheriff Court, County Buildings, held every Tuesday, John Tait, Esq., Sheriff-Depute, David Syme, Esq., Sheriff Substitute, John W. Williamson, Sheriff Clerk, Donald Manson, Sheriff Officer and Bar Officer

Town-Hall, Kinross, Property of the Market Co., David Young, Sec.


Alles, Robert, Millwright, Kinross

Baird, James, Factor for Kinross Estate, Kinross

Begg, Robert B., Inspector of Poor & Registrar, Kinross

Blackwood, Robt., Currier & Tanner, Kinross

Brown, Robert, Salesman, Kinross Meal Society, Kinross

Dow, William, Dealer in Poultry & Dairy Produce, &c., Gallowhill

Duncan, Jas., Temperance Hotel, Kinross

Gordon, Robert, Sheriff Officer & Inspector of Weights and Measures, County Buildings, Kinross

Haldane, John, Turner, Kinross

Hoggan, George, Painter & Paper-Hanger, Kinross

McCulloch, Archibald, Brewer, Kinross

McNab, George, Town Crier & Bill Poster, &c., Kinross

Marshall, David, Cooper & Tacksman, Loch Leven Fisheries

Morrison, Robert, Letter Carrier, Kinross

Ramage, Wm., Manager, Kinross Spinning Co., Kinross

Robertson, James, Colporteur, Kinross

Robertson, John, Manager, Kinross and Milnathort Gas Light Co., Muirs

Robertson, Miss S., Fancy & Sewing Department, Kinross

Smith, James, Sexton, Kinross

Staniland, Chas., Sergeant Drill Instructor of the 1st Kinross-shire Volunteers, Kinross

Taylor, Henry, Saw-Miller, Tillyochie

Watt, Allan, Road Surveyor, Hopefield

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