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Name Fritz TIESLER
Birth 1860, Mordialloc
Death 25 Aug 1947, Warragul Age: 87
Father Friederich "Fritz" TIESLER (1830-1900)
Mother Maria FUHRMANN (1832-1922)
1 Elizabeth Ann YOUNG
Birth 1870, PRAHRAN. VIC
Death 1960, BAIRNSDALE. VIC Age: 90
Father George Henry Bartlett YOUNG (1847-1932)
Mother Elizabeth ETHELL (1851-1939)
Children: William Henry (1888-1890)
Elizabeth Ann "Elsie" (1890-1948)
Ethel May (1892-)
Fredrick George (1895-1956)
Marie "Lee" Winniefred (1897-1940)
Leslie Harold (1900-1980)
Eric Norman (1904-1980)
Doreen Madge (1907-)
Allan Bartlett (1913-)
Notes for Fritz TIESLER
          Fritz Tiesler was born in Mordialloc in 1860 and became the first and oldest son of Friederich and Maria Tiesler. Fritz was obviously close to his parents and a hard worker as he took up market gardening behind them in Oakleigh St, East Oakleigh.

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 As a young man, Fritz probably helped out with his father's Merry-Go-Round at the Mordialloc beach as this was probably very labour intensive and thirst producing. Fritz married Elizabeth Ann Young (the oldest daughter of George and Elizabeth Young) in 1888 when aged 28. It would appear that Fritz also had the task of attempting to maintain order when his younger brother William was the worse for alcohol, as well described in the local paper. Life appeared centred around Oakleigh until after 1910, Fritz sold his land to the education department and moved to the far hills of Gippsland at Allambee Reserve (Between Allambee and Allambee south). 

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First World War

The first world war was to introduce tension between Victorians of British and German descent. On the declaration of war, vandalism erupted against German shopkeepers in Melbourne. Suspicions were raised against the 12,000 people of German origin or descent in the state although Lutheran churches and German societies declared there loyalty to the state in public. About a thousand men of German descent joined the A.I.F throughout Australia. Fritz's son 'George', was one of these and served in the Australian Light Horse in France. Even while men of German birth or descent were enlisting, others, especially the unnaturalized or those considered dangerous, were being interned. Later the definition of 'enemy alien' was widened to include naturalized Germans and the native-born of German parentage. Tension increased as the war progressed. War reverses intensified emotions. War propaganda took on a new edge and incited many to intense hatred. Such hatred, a necessary function of war, led to the dismissal of many people of German descent from their employment. Many refused to work alongside Germans of any degree. The outlook for them was bleak, at a time when there was no dole. A number of people committed suicide because of victimization. By 1916 'enemy alien' was hysterically broadened even further to include those whose grandparents were born in Germany. Thus virtually all Victorians of German descent were under threat of surveillance, parole, search and internment.


Allambee Reserve farm then                                         and now

Fritz was now about 50 and commenced dairy farming on what is now, and probably was even worse then, an isolated property. Growing vegetables, especially potatoes was still carried out on the new farm. Room here allowed for, and probably required, a large orchard to be planted opposite the house. Why Fritz moved to far hills of Allambee Reserve  with his family after a life of 50 yrs in Oakleigh isn't known, but it may have produced a lifestyle and sense of adventure no longer available in a more cosmopolitan city. Maybe it was to avoid the anti-German fever of the war. In an age of few medical miracles and basic drugs, Fritz Tiesler lived till the age of 87 yrs when he died in 1947. He is remembered by his grandchildren as a good man who expressed himself in quaint and humorous ways.

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Looking South from Allambee Reserve hilltop


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